Thursday, February 6, 2014

Integrated Systems Europe 2014 - Laser Projectors

Another interesting development with respect to projectors. Panasonic showed a projector with a rich-colour and deep contrast laser engine providing 6000 lumens. It has 20.000 hours of maintenance free operation even when running 24/7. The projection in landscape or portrait could be changed on the fly while projecting. This development could also lead to projectors that could be used for diagnostic imaging. 

Integrated Systems Europe 2014 - HoloCube

A lot of companies demonstrating their solutions for holography displays. For now still a gimick for commercial purposes, but who knows, perhaps in the near future similar 'displays' could be used in clinical practice.

Here an example from a company called HoloCube.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Surgeons: Operate With Kinect

Integrated Systems Europe 2014 - 3D Visualizer

Wolfvision showed a product at the ISE 2014 that could be a great benefit in teaching environments. Using a visualizer any object recorded will be displayed on a 3D screen thus providing a real 3D experience for the audience without looking at the actual object. As shown in the example, anatomy courses could really benefit from this innovation.

Check out their website here where a anatomical lesson of the heart is included recorded with their system. You can access the movie through the website, and even view it in 3D provided that you have a 3D screen connected.

Integrated Systems Europe 2014 - Anatomy Table from Atracsys

Atracsys is developing interesting applications on touch screen tables. This is a great example of what they could do for medical teaching.