Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Glass Up

Some entrepeneurs from Italy are working on a similar device as the Google Glass. They decided to compete with Google and not stop their work. Check out the movie below to see what they are working on.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Nomination for Innovation Award of the Hanze Institute of Technology for Kinect project

One of the students working on an assignment in my group to evaluate the use of the MS Kinect for use in the operating theatre has been nominated for the innovation award of the Hanze Institute of Technology based on this thesis work. The official press release can be found here.

Just a short demonstration video:

The student used the Kinect to allow a surgeon to walk through the data available for a patient using minimal gestures using an easy and intuitive user interface. We are currently trying to arrange the continuation of his project.

New page on my Blog on Free DICOM Tools

It's always difficult trying to find a free DICOM software tool to do the work you need done. Therefore, I just started a new page on my blog where I will keep a collection of possibly usefull DICOM tools with their corresponding links. Most of them I do use myself in day to day work and educational setting, but I did not test them all thoroughly so if you have any remarks, please leave them at the bottom of the DICOM Tools page. The first tools are already included. Just take a look!