Thursday, January 10, 2013

Preliminary version of e-book on Medical Visualization published

I've just published a preliminary version of my e-book on medical visualization at this blog. It is far from complete and some whole chapters are still unfinished or even empty, but I wanted to put out this priliminary version out for my students in the Biomedical Engineering course that I am teaching. So please download the e-book and give me your comments. Do you like it or not? What should be changed or added? Any comments are most welcome. New versions will appear in the near future on this page.

Just go to the e-books and whitepapers tab on this blog to get to the download location.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

iPod during knee surgery

A novel application of the iPod was recently published. The iPod is used to display pre-operatively acquired images of the patient operated upon. These images are displayed on the iPod correctly by using tracking devices to detect the position and orientation of the iPod in the operating theatre. The surgeon can review images during surgery of specific locations on the iPod. An iPad can be placed in the operating theatre to allow other people involved in the procedure see the images the surgeon has on his/her iPod.

Read this article of USA Today on the use of an iPod during knee surgery.

IBM’s Watson Goes to Med School

After IBM's supercomputer Watson beat the human brain in Jeopardy it will now go to med-school to be trained to support oncologic surgeons in their planning and treatment.

IBM’s Watson Goes to Med School