Friday, June 28, 2013

CARS 2013 - OR Systems Design and Applications

Ratib and Amato discussed about intelligent design in the OR. They state that intelligence in workflow and data management will drive future diagnostic and treatment platforms...from Patient models... To intelligent patient models. They stated that in intelligent design the BIM (building intelligent model) should be used allowing integration of simulation into a 3D model. This concept is already used in other areas and should be introduced in the design of facilities in healthcare integrating the patient specific model into the design. There is too much technology in the OR, the future paradigm should be to move the technical stuff outside the OR. On the other side, imaging is entering the OR and new technologies are coming fast.

Five other presentations were given touching different aspects of developments in the OR. Generally it was discussed that a lot of information is available during surgery from different systems on different computer screens and that intelligent systems are required to optimalize the data rich OR environment.
This requires a new vision on how the data should be presented to the surgeon. Decreasing the number of screens by integration of the sources on one switchable display is one of the presented solutions. A group from Leipzig showed how they perform this switching automatically using a roadmap of the OR workflow for the procedure currently performed. Huang discussed a currently running and tested integrated OR setup. Other topics covered were the standardization of robotic interfaces for image guided surgery using OpenIGTLink, and experiences with IP based systems in the OR.

The main direction presented by most is to move to more intelligent systems and infrastructures. Possible direction is by employing machine learning.

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