Monday, November 28, 2011

RSNA: Practical Informatics for the Practicing Radiologist

This session was organized in conjunction with the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM).

Keith Dreyer presented on meaningful use where the transition has to be made from a department centered EHr to a patient centered EHR with acces to any information of a patient from any location. Driving forces are consumerism with technology advances and the informed patients, but also economics where the demand is on decrease of healthcare costs. In radiology this means either reducing the cost of imaging or reducing the amount of imaging. A third driving force is quality (image intepretation and report, image access).

The thing that is wrong with a RIS is that it is departmental centric, the RIS should be fully integrated with the EHR. Interaction with requesting physicians and patients must be improved.

In PACS the trends are towards Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) with standards based archiving and cloud storage. Image display should move to storage independent web/mobile access. Image management should not focus on PACS or RIS based but patient centric.

New technologies that are playing a major role in future radiology informatics are:

  • Cloud computing
  • Mobile computing
  • Healthcare innovations (clinical decision support, personal health records)

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