Sunday, November 27, 2011

RSNA: Informatics Education and Research

A mixed session with very different presentations on informatics.

First presentation from Leipzig, Germany about CT guided tumour ablation. A consortium of institutions developed a patient specific liver tumor ablation simulation. Clinical evaluation still has to be performed.

Next two presentations by our group from Groningen, the Netherlands on the use of the RSNA informatics tools in clinical studies and anonymization tools. One of these were also highlighted by AuntMinnie. Both studies show how to accurately implement anonymization into clinical setting.

Presentation four by a group from Baltimore, USA covered AIM and RadLex which should take care of standardization in clincal radiology reporting. Image base annotations are used to enable an intelligent atlas to facilitate the review of anatomy.

Other topics included were on reporting and e-learning. See the first link on this page for all presentations and abstracts of this session.

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