Friday, November 11, 2011

Education in eHealth - MIC 2001 session

Currently, education in information technology application in medicine is becoming of vital importance.
However, education at bachelors and masters level in medical informatics is extremely diverse with all kind of different educational programs that have their own curriculum and requirements. This is already demonstrated by the wide variety of terminology existing for such curricula such as medical informatics, clinical informatics, clinical information science, technical medicine, etc. Unfortunately, there also is no general list of end-points determining what students that completed one of these needs to know and be capable off.

However, people educated in IT in medicine are entering the clinical arena and work on improvement of healthcare and do research in this important area.

Another striking conclusion is that Medical education itself does not include any health informatics. They claim that this is not necessary since their students know how to use computers. Therefore, more education of medical students in the use of IT technology in day to day practice in modern healthcare institutions should be promoted.

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